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Thứ Hai, 19 tháng 4, 2010


Attack of the Killer Dolls gamesSave yourself from the Attack Of The Killer Dolls. They have knives and will kill you in one chop. Locate them from the radar, and shoot them before they come too close. Beware of the Girl doll, she comes too fast.
Play Attack of the Killer Dolls game
Y8 girls

Ragdoll Physics 2

Ragdoll Physics 2 gamesA demonstration of Ragdoll Physics where Bush is pulling down into a never ending pit.
Play Ragdoll Physics 2 game
Escape games

How to Cook Medhu Vadai

How to Cook Medhu Vadai gamesLearn how to cook Medhu Vadai.
Play How to Cook Medhu Vadai game
Defense games

Fudge Frenzy

Fudge Frenzy gamesConnect the pipes to make delicious Wonka bars for the gluttonous Gloop to eat.
Play Fudge Frenzy game
Defense games


Submarine gamesExplore the ocean and collect all the star to gain more points!
Play Submarine game
Dog games

Presidentielle 2007

Presidentielle 2007 gamesPick your bet and see who will win the race.
Play Presidentielle 2007 game
Web games

3 Line Riddle

3 Line Riddle gamesDivide the objects by drawing straight lines to produce five sections in first four levels and four section in rest of the levels, each containing equivalent different objects. While drawing the lines, avoid touching the object.
Play 3 Line Riddle game
Ghost games

SpongeBob Sea shells

SpongeBob Sea shells gamesFill with seashells the Patrick's bucket before the time finish. Move with the arrow keys.
Play SpongeBob Sea shells game
Girl games

Checkers Fun

Checkers Fun gamesWin the game by taking all of your opponent's pieces.
Play Checkers Fun game
Defense games


Smurfette gamesGet her the attire perfect for her.
Play Smurfette game
Ball games

Rainbow Monkey Rundown

Rainbow Monkey Rundown gamesChase the bad guys in their rafts and swing your yoyo at them to take them out. Dodge obstacles.
Play Rainbow Monkey Rundown game
Fantasy games


Block-Stock gamesclick groups of minimum 3 blocks of the same color to erase them. The more blocks you erase, the more points you get. Use weapon in the top left corner in order to erase single block.
Play Block-Stock game
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Celebrity Smackdown 4

Celebrity Smackdown 4 gamesThese celebrities fight right down to their evil, alien core if they have to. Can you smack them down hard enough to end their career for good?
Play Celebrity Smackdown 4 game
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Tutti Cuti: Tune Raider

Tutti Cuti: Tune Raider gamesGuide Cheeky through the Tune Raider maze, pick up as many tutti tunes as you can along the way. But watch out, Cheeky's supposed to be in detention and Linda Lush is on the warpath and multiplyin' by the second!
Play Tutti Cuti: Tune Raider game
y3 game

Mon Buster

Mon Buster gamesTesting your memory by eliminating all identical Mon of each level before the time is exhausted.
Play Mon Buster game
Fantasy games

Dark Cut 2

Dark Cut 2 gamesFind out if you have talents to become a surgeon or perhaps holistic healing is more your thing.

Take the role of a medic officer on the field, performing new-found surgical techniques. Perform four different surgeries using 11 different tools. Ge...
Play Dark Cut 2 game
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Flash Dribbler

Flash Dribbler gamesMove the ball and try to keep it save from the other team guys for the largest time as possible. It's not easy!
Play Flash Dribbler game
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Mon the Monkey

Mon the Monkey gamesHelp the monkey catch and eat as many fruits as possible to get to the next level.
Play Mon the Monkey game
New games

Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider gamesRide your dragon in the great shoot'em up game 'Dragon Rider', collect coins and stuff, change the weapons and use them to kill enemies and big bosses.
Play Dragon Rider game

T-Zero Turbo X

T-Zero Turbo X gamesPilot your twin-engined racer on a series of spectacular space tracks. Taking place above a fiery planet, can you keep control at high speeds when your opponents are trying to ram you off into space? Featuring six teams, seven tracks and a whole host of p...
Play T-Zero Turbo X game
Killing games

Beauty Resort

Beauty Resort gamesWork your way up from a small spa to a luxury mountain resort in this multitasking time-management game! Use the mouse to drag-and-drop clients at the desired stations. Full-fill their requests and keep stations clean to serve your clients as quickly as p...
Play Beauty Resort game
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Dice Wars

Dice Wars gamesSimilar to the popular board game: Risk. Conquer all territories.
Play Dice Wars game
Girl games

Tiny Battle

Tiny Battle gamesHelp this axe guy fight with his opponents!
Play Tiny Battle game
Running games

Race for Life

Race for Life gamesTry to keep the dance steps pressing the appropriate arrow key when the arrows get to the bottom part of the screen.
Play Race for Life game
New games

Important Girl Dress Up

Important Girl Dress Up gamesThis very important girl needs your help so she could dress up before a big meeting. Help her and enjoy!
Play Important Girl Dress Up game
Fish games

Rockin 2 Fame

Rockin 2 Fame gamesWork your way up to becoming a rock star by competing in 6 concert levels and earn some money to increase your score.
Play Rockin 2 Fame game
Best y8

Neon 2

Neon 2 gamesTry to shoot your neon colored enemies with your awesome laser and collect some power-ups for more fun. Enjoy!
Play Neon 2 game
Arcade games

Tornado Button Smashing

Tornado Button Smashing gamesPound the enter button as you rip apart a city with your huge tornado. How long can you hit it?
Play Tornado Button Smashing game

Pimp My Hummer

Pimp My Hummer gamesChange your hummer using the given parts.
Play Pimp My Hummer game
Y8 girl

Naruto - Kunai Escape

Naruto - Kunai Escape gamesHelp Naruto dodge kunai during some training against his companions.
Play Naruto - Kunai Escape game
Shockwave games

Deep Sea Word Search

Deep Sea Word Search gamesEnjoy playing this lovely word puzzle.
Play Deep Sea Word Search game
Puzzle games

HotShot Hoops

HotShot Hoops gamesMake as many hoops as possible by adjusting your angle and the power behind your shooting.
Play HotShot Hoops game
New games

African Dressup

African Dressup gamesChoose one of these African costumes for this nice girl.
Play African Dressup game
Dress up games

Lily Allen , The Fear!

Lily Allen , The Fear! gamesFast and challenging vertical scrolling game - can you escape the fear?
Play Lily Allen , The Fear! game
Shockwave games

Bio Ball Boom

Bio Ball Boom gamesStop alien ball using laser!
Play Bio Ball Boom game
Flash download

Bumper Cars Championship

Bumper Cars Championship gamesBumper Cars at their best. Drive into the other dodgems at full speed so they lose health.
Play Bumper Cars Championship game
Sports games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

Anime Girl Dressup

Anime Girl Dressup gamesMake this lovely lady fit a nice dress.
Play Anime Girl Dressup game
Barbie games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

Samurai Wings

Samurai Wings gamesYou are one of the technological rebel warriors known as Samurai Wings, and you have to fight against the maleficent F.D.U. dictatorship droids.
Play Samurai Wings game
Love y8
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

Shuriken Challenge

Shuriken Challenge games
Play Shuriken Challenge game
Fun games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

A Gift from his Girlfriend

A Gift from his Girlfriend gamesHe receive a mysterious gift from his girlfriend .
Play A Gift from his Girlfriend game
free games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

Dancing Girl Dress Up

Dancing Girl Dress Up gamesThis dancing queen has a lot of dresses to wear during her dance sessions. Choose your favorite and dress her up!
Play Dancing Girl Dress Up game
Driving games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

Army Copter

Army Copter gamesYour main mission is to neutralize as many enemy units as you can to succeed in your mission. You may also wanna pick up some bonuses dropped by parachutes to help you on your mission.
Play Army Copter game
free online games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

Mysteries of Horus

Mysteries of Horus gamesTake a symbol from the conveyor and place it in gap in a row. You can drop symbol in the disposal unit. This decreases the God's satisfaction. To beat a level, you must reach the target score. You lose if your current score is less than the target score. ...
Play Mysteries of Horus game
Dragon games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

Word Search Gameplay - 49

Word Search Gameplay - 49 gamesSearch all words given on the screen.
Play Word Search Gameplay - 49 game
Penguin games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

Image Disorder Ashley Judd

Image Disorder Ashley Judd gamesArrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap a piece's position, click on the piece, and then the neighboring one. The quicker you are to complete, more score to your account.
Play Image Disorder Ashley Judd game
Boat games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

Doll Costume Dressup

Doll Costume Dressup gamesDress the doll as a reindeer, princess or schoolgirl. Choose the dress that you like to make her more beautiful.
Play Doll Costume Dressup game
Tennis games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

House of Chocolates

House of Chocolates gamesHow sweet can matching games get? Well try to play in this mouthwatering House Of Chocolates!The object of the game is to match as many boxes as possible in a limited time. You need to match the pieces in places so that the whole board becomes highlighted...
Play House of Chocolates game
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1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids


Detonator gamesBlow up stuff, what more could you want? But of course don't blow your self up!
Play Detonator game
Dragon games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids


Quix gamesLine up same colored tiles vertically to clear them off the board.
Play Quix game
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids

Alien Abductions

Alien Abductions gamesChoose proper weapon, abduct objects, collect points and go to the next level!
Play Alien Abductions game
Racing games
1 Player, Advergames, Dress Up, Flash, Girl, Kids